Bocchi SM1257 - frontispiece
Bocchi SM1257 - frontispiece

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Bocchi's Symbolicae quaestiones, published first in 1555 and again in 1574, occupy a distinct place, in the tradition of the European emblem, for its structure, sophisticated content and extremely articulated picturae, conceived by Giulio Bonasone and retouched in 1574 ed. by Agostino Carracci. The influence of this book on later emblems, literary works and paintings, though unquestionable and profound, still needs to be reconstructed.

Digitised edition
Main author: Bocchi, Achille (1488-1562)
Abbr. title: Symbolicarum quaestionum
Pub. place: Bologna
Pub. Date: 1574
Location: Glasgow University Library, Stirling Maxwell Sp Coll S.M. 1257

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Current version: rev. 1

Full title and details
ACHILLIS BOCCHII | BONON. SYMBOLICARUM | QUAESTIONUM, | De vniuerso genere, quas serio | ludebat, | LIBRI QUINQUE. | (Mark: BONONIA DOCET) | BONONIAE, | Apud Societatem Typographiae Bononiensis. | MDLXXIIII. | Curia Episc.& S.Inquisit.concessu.
204 leaves, 4to
Stirling Maxwell Sp Coll S.M. 1257

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