Alciato SM35A - frontispiece
Alciato SM35A - frontispiece

Editorial information
Andrea Alciato can be considered the father of emblem literature. After its first printed edition (1531), the Emblematum liber enjoyed an enormous success and long-lasting popularity. In the following centuries, Alciato's work, enriched, translated, and commented many times, appeared in a great number of different editions - more than 170 by the end of the seventeenth century. Here we present the first Italian translation, by Giovanni Marquale (whose first edition, including a smaller number of emblems, had appeared in 1549).

Digitised edition
Main author: Alciato, Andrea (1492-1550)
Other authors: Marquale, Giovannni
Abbr. title: Diverse imprese
Pub. place: Lyon
Pub. Date: 1551
Location: Glasgow University Library, Stirling Maxwell Sp Coll S.M. 35a

Facsimiles: fully available
Transcribed texts: fully available
Iconclass encoding: fully available (under 1st rev.)
Translations: in progress
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Current version: rev. 1

Full title and details
DIVERSE IMPRE | SE ACCOMODATE A | diverse moralità, con versi | che i loro | significati dichia | rano insieme con molte al- | tre nella lingua Italiana | non piu tradotte. | Tratte da gli Emblemi | dell'Alciato. | (Typographic mark, Perseus bearing Medusa's head; the motto ΕΚ ΠΟΝΟΥ Ό ΒΙΟΣ.) | IN LIONE DA MATHIAS | BONHOMME. 1551. | CON PRIVILEGIO
96 leaves, 8voBook

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